About Sirri yarn

Sirri is the invisible tie between man and sheep. When the Faroese shepherd calls "sirri, sirri, sirri", the sheep come running.

The company, Sirri, is a family-run business, founded by Árni and Karin Brattaberg in 2000. They have a passion for pure Faroese wool that has not been blended.

Sirri yarn is 100% pure organic wool from the Faroe Islands. This natural product has a rich texture and has not been chemically treated. It has a high lanolin content and has a comforting feel and smell. In the wild climate of the Faroes, the sheep grow a thick coat with a rugged texture, which produces a yarn that may feel coarse to knitters who are used to commercially processed yarns. But once you give your knitting a bath, you will see it transformed into a soft, light and gentle fibre, suitable for all types of garments from baby clothes to warm, weatherproof jumpers.

Because of the character of this yarn, Sirri recommend that it be knitted up on larger needles that one would expect, producing a more open textured garment, which is both light to wear and exceptionally warm.

Sirri wool comes in 100g skeins in five natural colours, and there is a rich palette of coloured yarns, based on natural plant dyes and the vibrant colours of the Faroese environment. The special multi-coloured Art yarn comes in 200g skeins.

Sirri 1-ply is equivalent to UK 2-ply/lace weight.
Each 100g skein contains approx. 500 metres of yarn.
Recommended needles: 2 or 3 mm.

Sirri 2-ply is equivalent to light DK or Sport weight.
Each 100g skein contains approx. 250 metres of yarn.
Recommended needles: 5 or 6 mm.
Sirri 3-ply is equivalent to Aran weight.
Each 100g skein contains approx. 165 metres of yarn.
Recommended needles: 7 or 8 mm. 

Sirri 5-ply is equivalent to Chunky.
Each 100g skein contains approx. 75 metres of yarn. 
Recommended needles: 9 or 10 mm. 


About Sirri yarn
About Sirri yarn