Oddv÷r Jacobsen

My mother taught me to knit when I was 5 years old. I have always been knitting and I still have some old drawings I made as a teenager. Here on the Faroe Islands everyone knows how to knit. It is a very strong tradition and we have a lot of ”unknown” designers: women, sitting at home or in a knitting club, enjoying their ”hobby”. We are a big knitting factory!

I made my first official pattern in 2004 for Navia. A few years later I became a part of their design team. As well as knitting patterns, I design jumpers for Navia’s knitwear collection. This has increased my interest in Faroese and Nordic patterns. I mostly make colour knitting, but I do also like easy knitting. I got the great opportunity to design the the G!Festival 2014 sweater, made with Navia Tradition.

I have had patterns published in Danish and British magazines. It feels amazing that people abroad like what I do.

It is easy to get inspired here on the Faroe Islands. We have four seasons in one day: weather and light changes all the time - you always get new perspectives on everything you see.

This is my passion: to draw, to design and to knit - I want to live my dream. 


Oddvor Jacobsen