Designer Collective

Any visitor to the Faroe Islands will see individual homemade knitwear everywhere. The islanders' living tradition of creating new knitted garments with local wool is apparent wherever people are gathered: in schools, in homes, at work, at music festivals, at sea and out on the fells. And since founding The Island Wool Company in 2012, it's been so exciting to see the unique qualities of Faroese yarn and Faroese knitting patterns become better known outside Scandinavia and the Nordic world.

For the next stage on this journey, we have teamed up with some brilliant international designers, some of whom have had Faroese yarn on their needles for years, while others have made the discovery more recently. Each designer has their own unique perspective and finds inspiration in a variety of sources. But what they all have in common is the artisan's appreciation of the connection between design and material: the interplay between strong visual content and the tactile properties of particular yarns from a particular place.

The Designer Collective pages provide an online gallery where our favourite designers can show their patterns (100% of the pattern sale price goes directly to the designer). We hope that you enjoy the patterns as much as we do. Please visit often to see new designs as they appear, and join us on our creative voyage across the North Atlantic and beyond.

Fiona & Daniel

N.B. As with all our single patterns, we will email purchased patterns as PDFs for you to download.