About Island Wool

The Island Wool Company is part of the Slow Fashion movement.

Wool is stylish, natural and sustainable. It is a renewable and biodegradable material.

Knitting takes time. But it is quality time, and the unique finished garment will last for years.

Like fine wine or speciality cheese, wool bears the imprint of the land and climate of its place of origin. Like the recipe for a regional dish, a knitting pattern is shaped by culture and history.

Our philosophy is simple. We supply only the purest wool yarn and highest quality knitwear from producers we know personally.

The remote Faroe Islands - situated in the North Atlantic, halfway between Shetland and Iceland - are home to more sheep than people. These sheep live in all weathers on the grassy mountain slopes of the islands, and their wool is unsurpassed in its suitability for knitting.

The knitting tradition in the Faroes goes back centuries. In the past, garments were made for fishermen, keeping them warm and dry in their open boats - the high lanolin content of the wool keeps the wearer warm, even when wet. There is also an age-old craft of making shawls and fine clothes for special occasions.

In recent years, traditional patterns and techniques have been combined with new designs and styles, and contemporary designers are taking Faroese knitwear to the forefront of Nordic fashion. The iconic jumper worn by Sarah Lund in the cult TV thriller, The Killing (made by Guðrun & Guðrun from Sirri wool), is only one example of this trend.

The Island Wool Company was founded by Fiona Parker and Daniel Rye. We have lived and worked on the Faroe Islands and we make regular visits to meet the wool manufacturers, knitwear producers and pattern designers. We send yarn around the world from our base in Herefordshire, England.

The Island Wool Company also acts as agent and distributor for Navia in the UK and Ireland.

We hope that we can share some of our passion for this wonderful wool from one of the most dramatically beautiful places in the world.

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About Island Wool
About Island Wool
About Island Wool